Fight against the barriers of cross-border trade: export promotion agencies are thinking in Abidjan

During two days (25-26 July 2017), the member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will discuss in Abidjan the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire, on this above topic. Under the aegis of the Borderless Alliance and the Program Foods Across Borders (ProFAB), in collaboration with the Export Promotion Agencies of the Member States of the institution subregional.

The general objective of this meeting of the Export Promotion Agencies is part of the implementation of one of the recommendations of the 4th Annual Conference of the Borderless Alliance, according to Justin Bayili, its Secretary Executive. Which, he says, is placed under the theme: "Commercial information, factors of increased intra-Community trade: Specific case of agricultural and food products."
The meeting, he stressed, aims to strengthen the dialogue between ECOWAS states for the establishment of a system of trade information exchange, in favor of the development of intra-community trade.
Accordingly, the low rate of the Trade Liberalization Scheme (SLE) of the ECOWAS zone is only 12%,

after 35 years of its implementation. "(...) The SLE did not raise the level of intra-Community trade which is far behind other regions of the world: Europe (71%), Asia (53%) and South America (48%). "He said.

In addition, the outperformance, he said, is due among other things to various known causes. That is to say, it explains, the low processing capacity of local raw materials, the persistence of tariff and non-tariff barriers incompatible with the protocols of the region on the free movement of goods and people, poor infrastructure The high cost of transactions and especially transport, the lack of a system for the exchange of commercial information coordinated between the national agencies in charge of export promotion for the benefit of the players in cross-border trade, etc.

All these constraints, he continued, delay or block the development of intra-Community trade, notwithstanding the export potential, especially of agricultural products, which each member country of ECOWAS has.

More specifically, the meeting aims to bring together the heads of export promotion agencies and representatives of regional and international trade support institutions on the theme of the impact of trade information on the growth of Intra-Community trade, indicates the concept note of the meeting.

Therefore, it will allow the leaders of export promotion agencies to appropriate the importance of commercial information in the development of exports, to take stock of commercial information systems.

"To collect the specific concerns of the export promotion agencies with regard to commercial information on business opportunities in West Africa, to propose a collaboration document between the export promotion agencies of ECOWAS, to propose the plan of Establishment of a trade information system among ECOWAS export promotion agencies, lay the foundations for a network of Export Promotion Agencies, make recommendations to the ECOWAS Commission and its partners in the In collaboration with the export promotion agencies of the region ", are on the menu of the specific objectives of this work in Abidjan.

For these expected results, the same concept note states that they are summarized in three key points: the regional framework for collaboration between export promotion agencies of ECOWAS is adopted, recommendations for effective collaboration between the Commission on ECOWAS and export promotion agencies for the private sector are formulated, recommendations are made for the establishment of a trade information system between export promotion agencies.

At the podium of speeches of this ceremony, succeeded MM. Jonas Lago, National President of the Borderless Alliance, Guy M'Bengue, APEX-CI General Manager and Aka Angui, Deputy Cabinet Director of MlAIE. The substance of their message has not changed. They all showed a common will. Namely: to achieve the aims pursued by the Export Promotion Agencies of the ECOWAS Member States, which will complete their work in the afternoon of Wednesday 26 July 2017.

Source : La Médiane

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