April 2017 report of the cross-border trade flows of agricultural and livestock products in the Sahel and West

The volume of trade, all products combined, observed during the month of April 2017 on the main corridors tracked by the Markets PRA recorded a decrease of around 35% in value terms compared twith the month of March. This decline is largely attributable to sustained livestock prices, in particular of cattle in Burkina Faso and sheep in Mali, on the one hand and of colanut, which was not tracked on the ALCO corridor, on the other hand. However, it should be noted that trade in some products has increased, notably goats in the livestock category and millet and rice in the cereals category.

Overall, the sluggish economic situation in Nigeria and Ghana and, to some  extent, in Côte d’Ivoire undermines the vitality of intra-regional trade in local agricultural products. One can attribute this relative weak economic conditions to optimistic forecasts of the food situation, which does not encourage traders to store products; a strategy that limits not only the movement of products but also the inflationary pressures that it could generate.


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